"The performance of music  pieces by Ekaterina  Pushkarenko  is  a  great example of nobility of soul. This is due 
to her background, cultural awareness, personal and professional  experience and, of  course, her traits of  character. Her  understanding  and  nterpretation 
of  the  musical    pieces  is  incredibly 
deep   in   showing    subtle   nuances.  
Not    changing   composer’s    text   a  
 whit, she  uses creative power  which  any performer  sees in notation  which  fills   the   music   with   the   spirit    of improvisation. And  not   only  this  but excellent and well-thought-out  details and form, combined with a magnificent sense of the architectonics, makes her performance unforgettable".

The magazine "Guitarist" 2012, №1 the 13th All-Russian festival "Guitar in Russia".